Albane Guinet-Ahrens


Facilitator, consultant and co-director of La Belle Ouvrage.


I co-founded La Belle Ouvrage in 2006. Since then, I have been working as a consultant. My role is to support professionals in the field of arts and culture, individually or as part of a group or a team. I also work on publications designed to showcase their work. I am in charge of developing our activities in the rest of Europe, in order to help French practitioners to open their geographical horizons and to work in partnership with our foreign counterparts.


Following business management studies (HEC, Paris 1994) and an Erasmus exchange in Spain (ESADE- Barcelona), I carried out missions for Ernst & Young (Advisory) in London, for Colectivo Integral de Desarrollo (NGO) on micro-entrepreneurship in Lima, and for Hilti in Munich, before opting for the field of arts and culture in France. Having gained some experience at the Théâtre National de Chaillot and Galerie Nelson in Paris, I then joined Le Volcan, guest  venue at Le Havre as a general manager, when I was in charge of staff management, financial management and production.


In 1999, I started working as head of production for Parc de La Villette, where I was in charge of a team of 15 people dealing with budgeting, logistic, subcontractors and culture event planning for the whole venues, from jazz festivals to exhibitions and artists residencies.


In 2003, driven by the desire to support artists’ careers and develop closer ties with them, I stood down to join Laure Guazzoni with whom I shared a passion for a more entrepreneurial adventure. I founded Et bientôt…, a productions office focused on providing administration, production, distribution and training support for companies, venues and organisations. We worked – among others – with Kitsou Dubois, Christophe Huysman and Grand Magasin. We invited a group of peers – fellow production officies managers – to meet on a regular basis to work towards a study (“Practices and approaches of production companies specialised in performing arts in the Île-de-France area”). This is where I met Clara Rousseau, then director of Minijy, Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland and Marianne Nodé-Langlois, with whom I work regularly at La Belle Ouvrage.


My growing interest for professional training drove me to create a company designed to provide answers to questions arising in this field, based on Clara’s proposal to Laure and myself. This is how, in 2006, La Belle Ouvrage was born. From then, I worked both on the production and the consultancy/training side. I trained under Clara Rousseau on team-led interventions and under Cécile Krakovitch – who I met in 2008 – on skills assessments. In 2010, to further enhance my skills as a consultant, I undertook a vocational Master’s degree at Université Paris 7 Diderot in the « Theory and practice of interventions in organisations », with a dual focus on psychosociology and clinical sociology.


My work is based on my passion for storytelling, collective adventures, and the work of others. Using my experience in the various positions I held in the field, I try to raise useful questions for the people I support, to design relevant tools, and to help them see their work recognised.