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Always close to you


Do you recognise yourself ?


We work closely with the following professional families: management, artistic, administration, production,distribution, technical, communication, public relations, press, consultancy and support.


Within the arts and cultural sector as a whole: performing arts (circus, dance, puppetspublic space, music, theatre, etc.), radio/television, publishing, cinema, press, media, visual arts, museums, with an opening into other sectors.


With companies, organisations and institutions in the artistic and cultural sector: companies, theatres, museums, choreography and drama academies, art centres, bookshops, production companies, public institutions, scènes nationales et conventionnées, galleries, agencies, employers’ associations, etc. and more widely with public and private organisations in other sectors.


Close to people who seek to develop socially-responsible, economically healthy, innovating projects, that are compliant with regulatory requirements and also allow for professional development.


In partnership with national and local cultural institutions and organisations dealing with lifelong training.


Throughout France and Europe and/or within our Paris offices.


Among the individuals and teams we support, many shift from one of our proposals to the other, in line with their developments and requirements at the time.


We are committed to respecting client confidentiality regardless of the work processes used.