Anne Cécile

Anne-Cécile Sibué – Birkeland


Consultant, facilitator. Co-director of Bureau Cassiopée-Paris (France) and director of Cassiopée Office in Bergen (Norway).


I have been working for La Belle Ouvrage since 2008, as a trainer and speaker on international issues, first for the “Vues d’ailleurs” courses, then for “L’atelier mobile”, as well as on customised training programs for European professionals. I also contribute in assignments designed to advise French professionals about organisation and tools at their disposal.


I graduated from the Management School of Nantes and gained a postgraduate diploma in Cultural Management in Europe (Université Paris 8). I then supported teams in the artistic field for over 15 years, as a production manager and administrator. Since 2012, I have been focusing on advice, support, and coordination of cultural projects, as well as training.


I started with the Roc company in Lichen. From 1998 to 2001, I worked as an administrator for French Vietnamese choreographer Ea Sola, and from 2002 to 2004 for La Petite Fabrique.


In 2004, I founded Bureau Cassiopée, a production company comprised of six people, aiming to help artists/companies with their administration, production and distribution needs. I always favoured long-term partnerships, and I have worked with Herman Diephuis, Gisèle Vienne and Jonathan Capdevielle, close to the artistic issues at hand while facilitating international development, strengthening artists’ position locally, and ensuring loyalty from partners on various networks.


I am sensitive to the difficulties of starting on a career path. This is why, in 2007, my colleague Léonor Baudouin and I started to offer innovative support systems for emerging artists (in partnership with the Théâtre de Vanves and ARCADI) and young administrators (in partnership with ARKADY and the CND).


In 2013, I founded Cassiopée Office in Bergen, Norway (where I am also based), an organisation that pools resources and develops and implements support systems, consultancy assignments, courses and workshops.


Today, I work as a consultant with artists, companies and organisations in France, Norway, and various other European countries. I also coordinate cultural projects.  Keen to share my experience, I run regular courses. I am a member of the IETM board.


Convinced of the efficiency of collective intelligence, my approach is customised according to the situation and people’s needs, and includes:
·         Support to reflect on the definition of projects (particularly in the arts), their consistency and their expression, taking into account the environment
·         Developing internationally as part of a sustainable and stable approach
·         Networking between people with complementary skills
·         Paying attention to the specifics of projects and courses
·         Using methodological inputs for implementation