Carole Tourde


Head coordinator


I have been head co-ordinator for La Belle Ouvrage since December 2013. I am in charge of running the administrative, financial and commercial side of things.


Having graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Toulouse, and gained a Master’s Degree in Management of performing arts from the University of Brest, I avidly seeked practical, professional experiences. I toured France, working on very diverse projects, starting with several short production assignments with « street arts » organisations (Pronomade (s) in Haute-Garonne (end of studies internship), Festival international de théâtre de rue d’Aurillac). Later, I joined the administration and production team of Orléans’s Culture O Centre for the 2009 Festival Excentrique, when I hone the knowledge I had gained of local cultural projects, first experienced at Pronomade(s).


Wishing to better understand other aspects of performing arts, I worked for two and a half years with people such as Maguy Marin, Denis Mariotte, Nathalie Béasse, Jordi Gali, Eszter Salamon, as head of distribution for Extrapole, a Paris-based organisation that aims to support artists. After a few short assignments at La Ferme du Buisson and ACRIF (Association des Cinémas de Recherche d’Ile-de-France) in the production and administration departments, I joined La Belle Ouvrage in December 2013.


In addition to helping me develop an extensive knowledge of French geography, its culinary delights and its high-speed train lines, my travels allowed me to gain a rich human experience. What is important to me is to be in a direct relationship with the people impacted by the work I do or contribute to, to intimately know the issues at hand, and to observe the effects of the actions I support in order to better understand their meaning.