Cécile OK

Cécile Krakovitch


 Social psychology consultant, facilitator and codirector of La Belle Ouvrage


Within La Belle Ouvrage, and as part of our codirection, I lead the skills assessment side of our activities. I am in charge of one-on-one support, skills assessments and peer-to-peer training.


Following a post-graduate diploma in psychosociology in 1996 at the Université Paris X Nanterre, I started working as a social psychology consultant, mainly for state-owned companies (EDF, Job Centre, social housing providers), writing up studies on work organisation of labour and supporting struggling employees and teams.


In 2003, I took the decision to focus on one-on-one support and questions linked to professional choices made by people when they are stuck or struggling to make a decision. I developed this idea as part of the skills assessments offered by Dynamique Psycho, with employed and unemployed people from various sectors. This is when I met Xavier Blaevoet and Claudine Bonin, who I will later invite to join the team at La Belle Ouvrage.


In parallel, and from 2007, I regularly worked as a course leader at the CNFPT (Centre National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale) to teach groups of early childhood professionals as part of the VAE (French credit transfer scheme). For several years, I also supported graduates studying for a vocational Master’s degree on « Consultancy and dynamics of change » at Université Paris Dauphine to help them build their professional plans and improve the way they were looking for work.


As part of a long-term monitoring group led by Annie-Charlotte Giust and Alain Aymard (Centre Esta) from 2002 onwards, I further enhance my clinical sociology skills and my understanding of group dynamics. This is how I ended up meeting Clara Rousseau in 2006.


In 2008, Clara invited me to join her at La Belle Ouvrage, to help her set up and develop skills assessment for professionals in the field of arts and culture. I became co-director together with Albane Guinet-Ahrens, Laure Guazzoni and Clara Rousseau. Thanks to them and to the people I get to support, I learn to better understand and develop a keen interest for the issues and characteristics of this field and its different roles.


As a member of CIRFIP (Centre International de Recherche et de Formation Psychosociologique), and as a keen reader of real life accounts as used by clinical sociologists, I myself use a clinical focus in order to develop individual and collective abilities to try to bring clarity to the issues at hand, for a greater professional independence for all.


Lors de chaque accompagnement, il s’agit de construire ensemble un savoir et une stratégie sur votre parcours et votre projet. Nous avons à cœur de développer vos capacités pour élucider ce qui est à l’œuvre, élaborer des hypothèses, et agir. Ainsi, le consultant est à une place d’accompagnateur, à vos côtés sans être devant, car c’est bien vous qui définissez les évolutions souhaitées. Cette posture s’articule néanmoins à des temps d’expertise, de conseils et d’appréciation, en particulier lors de la mise en œuvre du projet et de sa confrontation aux réalités du secteur.