état des lieux

Food for thought


Interesting topics to explore !


 demi-lune-jaune  One-to-one


You want to think about career plans…


– Recap your career so far
– (Re)define your choices
– Develop your professional plans
– Design your own project for an organisation or a territory
– Design your activities


… and how to implement them


– Apply for a new job
– Position yourself and your core skills
– Explore life/work balance
– Prepare for the end of your work life and find new ways to perform activities
– Maintain your position as a leader


  demi-lune-jaune In a group


You want to develop and build a project to set up an organisation…


– Strengthen and position your project
– Explore cooperation and pooling of resources within different territories
– Determine feasibility, legal status
– Determine key elements in your economic model
– Identify activities within your team
– Drive your partners towards work recognition


…and know how to implement it within your team


– Identify the skills required
– Organise tasks according to the project and timeframe
– Explore practices within the team to transform them
– Recruit according to needs, work on diversity
– Strengthen mentoring and training skills and innovative staff recognition approaches


…  with the right tools


– Try out new work methods
– Design and develop appropriate management tools
– Hone your skills in delivering meetings and think tanks
– Think of conflict as a dynamic element
– Design processes to facilitate sharing ideas