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Generating ideas

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We believe that elaboration and share of ideas are essential for the dynamics of the professional field of culture.


We want to promote the knowledge gained through professional practices, the approaches designed by professionals themselves, the cross-paths between disciplines, and the shifts from one field to another.


These precious moments of exchanges, encounters, study, and reflections within a team or a group are all the more important that they are fruitful on the long term.


These activities are developed according three forms:


demi-lune-bleu Workshops
Public! An educative programme 


For several years now, professionals in the performing arts have been asking themselves questions about how they can create and maintain relationships with the public. An ever-changing society is turning representations and practices in this field completely on their head. The number of challenges we face is huge: the digital revolution and how it is affecting our personal and professional lives, the development of collaborative decision-making methods, strong expectations on culture playing a part in social cohesion, questions surrounding the roles that performing arts venues could play in their local area, public demand for diversity and equality in teams as well as in venues and on stage, the list goes on. Professionals are trying to overcome these issues by inventing and experimenting with many new ways of connecting with the public.



For the 2017/18 season, we came up with a series of short training modules dedicated to these issues, so we could broaden the reach of these initiatives, improve their transferability and support professionals in this sector at this time of change. Following this trial period, we are now offering four modules, each lasting four days and covering one of four topics that aim to stimulate thinking, boost the flow of knowledge & innovation and support participants in developing solutions suited to each setting.


These four topics are:
Devising an offer and Welcoming: how venues are used and how to make them a warm and welcoming place to visit
Gathering and Connecting: what factors affect the make-up of an audience and how to connect with people
Evolving and Engaging: how to inject energy into the team, how to address changes in the collective practice
Evaluating and Assessing: how to formulate project objectives and assessment criteria that are relevant to our projects


For more infos about the content of the modules, visit our workshops page



demi-lune-bleu On-line publishing


We are regularly commissioned to do research and / or to produce publications on related issue such as cooperation in Europe, Team management, life long learning in the field of contemporary performing arts



In each of these occasions, we are keen to highlight professional practices innovations coming from the ground, bottom-up thoughts .. We often work with interviews.


  •  « Training and exchange of knowledge »  Identifying training initiatives in the field of performing arts in South-East Europe


Carried out by Albane Guinet-Ahrens, La Belle Ouvrage for the Institut Français/ TEATROSKOP Programme 2015-2016.



On the demand of TEATROSKOP – Institut Français, we carried on this initial collection of initiatives, practices and interviews, about what’s going on in the Region in the field of education, training for the performing arts. In this document, you will find interviews of KELLY DIAPOULI (Greece), MATE GASPAR  (Hungary), MILENA DRACEVIC SESIC (Belgrade), TAMARA BRACIC VIDMAR (Slovenia) and ANNE BAUTZ (France), that give insight about education and training issues in this Region, as well as 16 examples of training or educational poposals.


This document strives to put these in context and to sketch some of the possible routes for further developments. It features ideas for potential partnerships as well as providing contact details. The interviews and the examples of exisiting projects featured in this document can be a source of motivation and lead to future contacts and projects amongst cultural actors within this large region of Europe in which TEATROSKOP operates.




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Teatroskop - training, education and exchange of knowledge

  • Everyday innovators – developing innovative work organisation practices in the cultural sector in Europe – 2012



An IETM publication – Researched and edited by La Belle Ouvrage


We have been asked by the IETM team to research around work organisations models in our sector. We have been working closely with IETM, organising a call for contributions.


By providing these accounts, we would like to contribute to encouraging people involved in the cultural sector to seize upon the vast issue of work, and more particularly of working together, and turn it into an area of experimentation in which they can translate the core values of their day- to-day activities into the artistic and cultural projects they oversee.


Download it now

demi-lune-bleu  Working groups, debates


We are regularly commissioned to imagine and/or run working groups, debates, and conferences, for example:


–   To start this reflection on sustainable development and culture, we designed and ran a day of discussions for around 20 participants, consisting of local politicians and technicians, festival organisers, production administrators, venues administrators – to better understand each other’s notions of the concept of sustainable development, and highlight obstacles, needs and ideas.


–   To work on a new policy in favour of contemporary dance, we helped to design approach and organisations for working groups followed by a national conference.


We are also regularly asked to participate in meetings and conferences.


Through various mediums, we support professionals from different backgrounds, for a close-up examination of their professional issues. This leads us to elaborate reflections on the evolution of professional practices and issues involving people working in this field.


  •  « Approaches and practices of performing arts production houses in Paris region » (Démarches et pratiques des bureaux de production de spectacle vivant en Île-de-France)


In 2006, La Belle Ouvrage was asked by 6 production houses (Bureau Cassiopée, Et bientôt…, Lelabo, Les Productions de la Seine, Minijy, Scènes de cirque) to coordinate a participative study on production houses, in partnership with ARCADI, Centre National du Théâtre and ONDA.
The study involved 22 production houses based in that region between 2006 and 2008. The full document includes 150 pages, including a 10-page section on the « Description of a production house’s core shells ». A 26-page summary is available in french.


Download the abstract (French only)

Download the abstract (French only)