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International activities


Views from abroad


With this strand of activities, we regularly work with French professionals to support them in their international development and we are regularly commissioned to design and run training courses in Europe, some of them gathering professionals from different countries.


In all these proposals, we aim at enlarging the understanding of Europe’s cultural diversity, both on practical and political level and at creating networks of professionals with shared experiences.


For all these destinations, we are keen to build relevant partnerships and cooperations with institutions, venues, festivals, paying much attention on bridging local and international levels.






demi-lune-jaune  L’atelier mobile – Mobile workshop on European Cooperation Practices


A 10-days workshop in 4 cities through one year for a group of 12 French professionals –directors, general managers, presenters of venues, festivals, companies…- in partnership with ONDA and Relais Culture Europe.


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4th edition : October 2015 to September 2016 : Bergen (in the frame of Meteor Festival – BIT TEatergaragen), Brussels, Lisbon (Alkantara Festival), Paris.


5th edition : October 2016 to September 2017 : Bergen (in the frame of Oktoberdans Festival), Brussels, Eleusis (Eleusis 2021), Paris.


In the previous editions we have been collaborating with Helsinki Baltic Circle Festival, Perforacije in Zagreb, Kaaiteater and Beursschouwburg in Brussels.


Presentation of the workshop


Exploring other practices and aesthetics; extending your reach beyond your own country; asserting a European dimension to your project; strengthening the impact of your project by incorporating it in a European framework; seeing your own work from a different perspective; meeting and working with professionals from other backgrounds – these are all reasons you may have for creating a cooperation project in Europe.
For these projects to succeed, a favourable environment must be created as well as informal relationships with international partners comprised of discussions, shared discovery and a mutual understanding of contexts.



demi-lune-jaune  Vues d’ailleurs – Views from abroad


This strand of workshops has been created in 2007 and aims at developing knowledges about different contexts for performing arts in Europe in order to improve circulation and cooperation in our field. Everyday a guest speaker is invited to present his/her own context for performing arts and to share his/her practice as a curator, a producer, a manager.


This workshop has been organised 7 times in France and included the presentation of the contexts of United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Estonia, Rumania, Switzerland…


We have collaborated with guest speakers such as:


Murielle Perritaz, Gerco DeVroeg, Nicky Childs, Tzvetelina Iossifova, Christophe Susset, Nathalie Vimeux, Marie Salomé, Theresa Von Wuthenau, Pierre-Yves Charlois, Pritt Raud, Tone Tjemsland, Marta Oliveires, Mate Gaspar, Hilde Teuchies, Jean-François Chougnet.


Countries have been selected for their differences in their geographical area and their influences in terms of economic models and public policies for culture. Each day dedicated to one country allows the trainees to go deeper into the local cultural landscape for performing arts. Other are provided: introduction to European programs and to international networks, practical tools for tour management, frame to develop relevant strategies. Some time is also dedicated to the exchange of professional practices between participants.





We have also been commissioned to adapt and organise sessions of this workshop elsewhere in Europe:



demi-lune-jaune  Association for Dance Companies of Catalonia, Barcelona, 2009


We organised a session of “Views for abroad: practical promotion of Performing Arts in Europe” for a group of 14 Spanish distribution and production managers, presenting landscapes of dance in France, Hungary, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Belgium.


This 9-days course was specifically designed for the Association of professional dance companies of Catalonia. Together with them, we chose 5 countries and we invited Maté Gaspar, Murielle Perritaz, Hilde Teuchies and Nicky Childs to be guest speakers.


association danse catalogne



demi-lune-jaune  RESO, Dance Network Switzerland, Zurich-Lausanne-Bern (2014) and Geneva – Zürich – Fribourg (2015)


We designed 2 workshops over 10 days for 15 swiss tour managers or artists in charge of promotion for dance or theatre companies called “Promotion practices in contemporary performing arts” with the support of Pro Helvetia. The aim was to gain understanding in promotion on an international level, think over their practices and gather practical tools.


This mobile workshop within Switzerland was organised in partnership with venues, festivals, such as Arsenic, Dampf Zentrale, Théâtre Saint Gervais, ADC and Belluard Festival.


It gathered participants from all areas of Switzerland and was led in English. It included presentation of Canada, South America, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland and job relative issues such as position, know-how, role in the working chain, methodology and tools.


We invited guest speakers such as Ester Charron, Inge Ceustermans, Eduardo Bonito, Anne-Cécile Sibué Birkeland, Walter Heun, Grzegorz Reske and Marta Keil. The organization was led by RESO.


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demi-lune-jaune  Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw, Poland, 2014


We designed and run a 3-days workshop for 15 artists and managers active in the dance field about the circulation of contemporary dance productions in Europe.


The workshop session set off with a reflection on the profession of manager (position, competences, role compared with other dance professionals) and identification of the main players on the dance scene (festivals, venues/residency programmes, networks, platforms, professionals’ meetings, artists, curators, managers, sources of information), taking account of the matters of aesthetics. In the latter part, the workshop focused on selected elements of a strategy to sell a production on the international scene, its adjustment to the characteristics of the production/the artist’s works, taking into account the context provided by the artist’s/company’s work.


This was led in cooperation with RESO and Pro Helvetia.


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demi-lune-jaune  Performing arts managers on the move, a course organised as part of the SPACE Platform (2009-2011)




Initiated in 2008 by Onda, Space is a platform for reflection and cooperation whose purpose is to analyse and fight against persistent imbalances among countries, regions, artists, disciplines and venues.


The members of Space all have an intermediary position close to the artistic field as well as to authorities in their own countries; they promote performing art and are concerned by the issues of its circulation on a national and international level:


As part of a 3-years Space project (2009-2011), La Belle Ouvrage was commissioned to design and run a mobile European professional course for 30 art managers aiming to improve their knowledge and understanding of the mobitity of performing arts in Europe.


As part of the program, training sessions took place in Modena, Hamburg, Paris, Sofia, Amsterdam, Santarcangelo, Zurich, Prague, Riga and Cardiff with two groups of 15 professionals from 18 European countries, over a 2 years period.


The final conference of the Space Program took place in Krakow in October 2011.


This serie of workshops included context presentation, visit of venues, European know-how, practices exchanges between participants, meeting with key-players of the field.


For each session, we have been working closely with a Space member and in partnership with different venues and Festivals.


SPACE logo



demi-lune-jaune  Course organised as part of the DanSCe Dialogues project – a UK / F project supported by INTERREG (2011)


DanSCe Dialogues project gathered by ODIA Normandie (Office de Diffusion et d’Information Artistique de Normandie), Dance South West, Bournemouth (Dorset), Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre Haute-Normandie and Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen Basse-Normandie.


As part of the activities implemented for this project, La Belle Ouvrage was in charge of designing and running a French-British course open to dance professionals – managers, choreographers, operators.


6 days, for 12 participants coming from Southwest of England, Haute-Normandie and Basse-Normandie including contexts presentations, visit of venues, regional approach, exchanges of experiences.


Training sessions have taken place in Le Havre, Exeter and Caen.


dansce dialogues 2 odia