La Belle Ouvrage


A space dedicated to work in the cultural field


Ours is a space for redefining your relationship to work, analysing, questioning, honing, and passing on knowledge.


The goals are many : to combine the individual and the collective, to reconcile professional and personal life, to consider processes and results, to merge concrete tools and subjective/emotional dimensions to enhance work.   Our approach consists in listening to the professionals who come to us with various and complex issues, and in trying to be as inclusive and open as possible in our search for solutions.


The idea of La Belle Ouvrage as a support structure for professionals in the field of arts and culture was born out of the needs seen by a specific group of professionals.  For almost ten years now, this group has been developing individual and collective tools to support people in their professional life, their projects, and their career choices.


We are eager to support people with their endeavours, and in this objective we have gathered a team of consultants with very different backgrounds and professional abilities.


People seek our help to develop socially-responsible, economically healthy, innovating projects, that are both compliant with regulatory requirements and allow for professional development.


Although our headquarters are located in Paris, we work with professionals throughout France and Europe. We carefully follow new developments in our field, and are mindful to monitor what is happening in our various areas of expertise.


Our activities cover many different disciplines in many different places, companies and institutions at home and abroad, which gives us a perfect vantage point on the issues and challenges faced by professionals and on how to resolve these.


La Belle Ouvrage’s main concerns are: developing the project and defining timescales, planning a path thanks to individual and collective testimonies, monitoring professional practices, developing appropriate tools, examining economic models – all within the wider relationship between people and their work.


We welcome complexity, which for us is a useful resource that helps us understand the situation at hand. It also allows each and every one of us to find new and improved solutions.


demi-lune-jaune Our journey


La Belle Ouvrage was founded in 2006 by Clara Rousseau, Laure Guazzoni and Albane Guinet-Ahrens. Cécile Krakovitch joined them two years later and became co-director.


At first, Sophie Métrich was responsible for coordination.  Amélie Cousin then took on this role and helped develop our various activities from 2007 to 2013 (in partnership with Marie-Lise Gardes since 2011).


In 2009 and 2010, Xavier Blaevoet, Claudine Bonin and Marianne Nodé-Langlois joined our consultancy and training department.


In 2012, Laure Guazzoni stepped down, which left three co-directors.


Since 2014, Carole Tourde, with the help of Typhaine Aussant, has been responsible for coordination.


La Belle Ouvrage is a SAS-type company whose three associates are Albane Guinet-Ahrens, Cécile Krakovitch and Clara Rousseau. Within this private initiative, and during the last ten years, the three co-directors have been working on a collective style of management based on discussion and the idea of management and everyday activity co-existing.