Marianne Nodé-Langlois


Consultant, course leader and coordinator of cultural projects


I have been working as a consultant and course leader at La Belle Ouvrage since 2009. I contribute to one-on-one support sessions as well as skills assessments, team support and collective training. I run among others a training workshop on local projects and another one designed for project managers.


At the end of my studies in sociology, urban planning and land-use planning, I started working in the field of performing arts in 1995 for the Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar – a venue producing works by various disciplines – as head of public relations and children events.


Emboldened by four years’ experience, I decided to open my horizons and successively managed the coordination of events for city of Saint-Denis and as part of Midem 2001, for the office for the exportation of French music. I also served as press secretary, including at the Avignon Festival in 2000.


From 2001 onwards, I decided to work with dancers and circus artists who perform closely with the public space.  I then worked as production manager for companies Cirque Pocheros, La zouze – Cie Christophe Haleb, Ali Salmi – Cie Osmosis.


In 2002, eager to create a more stable framework for artists and for my own professional development, I founded Tsen Productions with Anne Le Quang Huy and Colomba Ambroselli. Through this company, we implemented different types of activities – not only supporting artists’ projects but also advising them, and designing and organising events.  Within this collective approach to project management, I took on the specific role of assisting clients with the staging of their production, distribution, communications and public relations.


While we supported well-known professionals, we also trained young professionals from various artistic backgrounds in the performing arts in connection with the scheme « Jeunes Talents de la Ville de Paris » between 2005 and 2008.  We also provided administration and overall coordination for Théâtre du peuple de Bussang between 2005 and 2008 as well as the programming of Plurikulturart in the Morbihan region in 2005 and the Biennale de l’environnement in Seine Saint-Denis in 2006.


Today, as part of a call for projects launched by ADAMI, we will design a new multidisciplinary event for children, which will take place for the first time at the Théâtre Sylvia Montfort in October 2016.


In 2009, I was keen to develop training and consultancy activities and I was delighted when Clara Rousseau invited me to join La Belle Ouvrage. In parallel, I continued to work for multidisciplinary events such as the festival Dépayz’arts in 2010, and on four occasions for « Une semaine en compagnie » (2011-2014), co-organized by Arcadi, TGP Saint-Denis, Maison des Métallos and Collectif 12.


These dual functions in cultural projects for all ages and supporting professionals in the field are what drive me and anchor my role as a consultant.