Philippe Dubois




I have been in charge of payroll and accounts for La Belle Ouvrage ever since the 1st of January 2009.


I got my accounting qualification in 1968, just after the May 1968 events in France. I guess they just gave it to me!
I tried to continue my studies, but I was more interested in playing cards in cafés.


I only truly began to learn my craft when I started working.


For thirty years now, I’ve chosen to make my contribution to the world of the performing arts. As well as my job at La Belle Ouvrage, I work with three theatres – Théâtre de l’Aquarium, Théâtre de la Tempête and Théâtre de l’Échangeur – as well as with companies such as Jean Michel Rabeux and La Magnanerie (production company).


I have been retired for three years, yet continue to experience a hugely-satisfying working life.


My choices are mainly derived from the people involved and the atmosphere they create.