Xavier Blaevoet


Consultant, coach, facilitator and counsellor


I joined the team at La Belle Ouvrage in 2009 as a consultant, course leader and coach.


I contribute to one-on-one support and skills assessments, and I also run the training called « Mobility! ».


As a filmmaker, for over 20 years, I supported teams and projects in the field of TV and radio. I then decided to focus on supporting people through career changes and took a course in analytical and systemic therapy and coaching training, accredited at the European level. Having trained in skills assessments, I specialised in supporting the general public in the field of culture and performing arts, which I was already familiar with. I was responsible for training in the live performance department of Dynamique Psycho and M2C.


My experience of skills assessments and training allows me to combine my knowledge of psychology (ability to listen, neutrality and objectivity, anticipation and understanding of behaviours, help with self-expression, etc.), my coaching skills (finding solutions, designing and validating targets) and my performing arts and TV/radio know-how accrued through my previous roles.


I am keen to create through my work an environment that nurtures my clients’ professional and personal identity. This allows them to make decisions, match resources and solutions with their ambitions, and keep the right balance between the possibilities and the reality of the current market. Finally, this environment facilitates their personal development and the accurate and realistic implementation of their project.